The department has played a vital role all these years by moulding the students to excel in related careers in both the government sectors and private industries. The department offers a diploma course that includes subjects such as structural design and engineering, project planning, estimation and implementation, and civil engineering drawing. Apart from the regular subjects, students are also trained on add-on computer courses such as AutoCad and other software related to civil construction, estimation, and project planning and implementation. The entire diploma course is designed in a manner that would groom the students to become efficient field supervisors who would strive to maintain the highest standards in civil construction. The civil engineering labs are both spacious and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to enable students to learn and consolidate their knowledge in an optimal manner. The practical studies help to keep the student stay abreast of the latest techniques and developments in the industry. We also allow students to interact with industry experts at frequent intervals though guest lectures and symposiums which help them keep up with the advancements in the industry and widen their knowledge base. The Civil Engineering Department is made up of highly qualified staff members with ample experience. The Faculty Development Program helps the staff members to continuously upgrade their knowledge through various quality improvement programs.


Third semester

1. Material testing lab – I
2. Surveying practice – I
3. Computer application practical

Fourth semester

1. Material testing lab – II
2. Surveying practice – II
3. Cad in civil engineering drawing – 1

Third year

Fifth semester

1. Construction practice lab
2. Cad in civil engineering drawing – II
3. Life and employability skill practical

Sixth semester

1. Hydraulics lab
2. Computer application in civil engineering practice
3.project work


Develop Competent Civil Engineers And Accomplish Excellence In Civil Engineering Discipline To Fulfill Ever-Changing Industry & Social Requirements, For Socio-Economic Growth Of The Nation.


  • M1. To Impart Value-Based Technical Education To Develop Skillful And Socially Responsible Civil Engineers.
  • M2. To Develop Technically And Socially Responsible Civil Engineers By Providing A Platform Among Students, Industry And Alumni.
  • M3. To Encourage Students To Pursue The Higher Education And Various Career Enhancing Courses.
  • M4. To Prepare Students For Successful Career With The Help Of Modern Tools And Technologies